Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ooooo!!! Baby Baby !!!

Well, with the amount of babies about to hit
my world soon, I thought what a great excuse to
buy some fabric, to tell you the truth I didn't need much coaxing. It was fun
browsing the local quilt shop and trying different combinations, there is so much to choose
from, but this is what I came home with.

Love blue, green and yellow such a bright and fun
combination for boys.

Boys, have got to have cars and these are soooooo cute!!

and just in case you thought I was trying to tell you something!!!!

Yes, I have been busy putting a few things together, just
a simple quilt, I have let the fabric speak for itself, so pretty for
a little girl, this quilt already has been snapped up for a
little bundle of joy due in February 2013
The fabric is called "Twirl" by Me and My Sister

Applique, how can I avoid applique for babies and kids quilts,
I love doing applique, it does take a little time and can be
fiddly but the end result is fabulous. I am probably going
to put this on a fairly plain background and let it pop.
This baby is from "Funny Baby" pattern by Amy Bradley Designs.

That's it for now, will be back soon

Happy Quilting.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I have had my longarm machine for about five years now
and I am totally addicted, my passion for quilting has taken
me interstate ( within Australia) and overseas (Houston).
I have met some fabulous people and had some classes
with amazing teachers.

At times I have found it frustrating to say the least, doubting myself 
and thinking I am never going to master this.
I did feel at times that there was a resistance with my
 machine around the middle of the table, but just put it
down to imagining things, and needing more practice. I also felt that I could never
get the precise finish I wanted and backtracking on
the exact line..........well forget it  !!

Luckily I was explaining this to Tracey from
Constatine Quilts and she immediately said its your wheels and that 
I should try the M&M Wheels. So I thought
why not!!

All I can say is AMAZING!!!
These wheels have made such a difference and
backtracking has become a breeze. Milly and I
are now besties again whoo hoo!!

I know I am rambling on but my point is
don't doubt yourself and ask questions, I should of
asked these questions earlier and I may have solved 
this problem years ago.

I am one happy little vegimite right now!!
 thanks Tracey     :)

Happy Quilting


Friday, October 26, 2012

Bloggers Quilt Festival and Babies

Baby quilts seem to be the flavour in my world at the moment, I have been working
on this one for a while now and am happy to say its finished ..........yay!!!

I was asked to make this quilt for a friend of a friend

I couldn't resist the car theme being it's a boy, I love raw edge applique and couldn't resist
adding this to the quilt, combined with my love of
long-arm quilting, I went to town.

 The most fun I had was the quilting , I loved doing the swirls in the small
blue border and feathering in the strips and outer borders. But most of all
I really enjoyed doing the pebbles, there is something hypnotic about
the same thing over and over I found it very relaxing.............crazy I know!!!

I have joined Amy and many others in the Fall 2012 - Bloggers Quilt Festival 
go on over and check out all the beautiful quilts. I am sure you
will be enthralled by the amazing and talented ladies out there
in blogland.

Quilt Measurements: 35" x 35"
Special Techniques used: Raw Edge Applique
Quilted by: Mandy (Me)
Best Category:  Baby Quilt or Applique Quilt

But the most exciting news I have is that my daughter (Kym) is expecting her 
first baby in March 2013, we are all very excited. So you guessed it
I am busy making baby bits and pieces. Something is definitley happening in this part of
town, as I know of about seven babies, all due around the same time.  So
it's time for me to hit the machine and get busy.

Happy Quilting

Monday, October 8, 2012


I was lucky enough to attend AMQF a week ago and take some classes with
some of the well known longarmers, Renae Haddidin, Vicki Jenkins and
Myrna Ficken, I had the best time and learnt a few tricks of
the trade.

Not to mention the Ricky Tims Seminar, which was an 
all day seminar, Ricky is an inspiration and a very talented textile artist and musician.

His approach to quilting  is very relaxed, his " if it feels right 
then do it" attitude is very refreshing, it cetainly has opened up my
eyes and made me think outside the box.

Anita, Karen and myself with Ricky a highlight of our trip.

The girls and I also realised we have known each other now for five years,
with one trip to Sydney and three trips to Adelaide and one to Houston, we have
done a lot together and supported each other in our quilting journies.
Thanks guys for your friendship and many more quilty adventures.

Now I didn't get many photos as I was in class a fair bit
but these are a few quilting photos I liked.

Myrna Ficken

Renae Haddidin
This one I love and basically came from a stencil and has
just  been filled in with background fillers, I may have
to have a go at something similar, so many ideas and

Renae Haddidin

AMQF was fabulous, if you get a chance to go it's definitley
worth the trip.

Have fun  


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Is this you????

My stepdaughter sent this to me with a one word caption

I laughed so hard, as I have, many times been in this
situation where my hubby has said "Are you
going to leave some for anybody else"

Have a good day!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Great Granny Along

I have joined the Great Granny Along, I have had these finished
for a while but have just found the time to blog about it.

 Boy time does fly by!
I know that I am far behind as they have finished their 
quilts, but better late than never :)

So here are my two blocks so far. I have decided to make
mine in feedsack fabrics (reproductions of course) as
I love feedsack quilts and this will be my first of many.

I have also been busy trying to get my Swoon quilt finished

Not sure if this is the final arrangement, but I am thrilled
that all the blocks are finished, just the sashings and quilting
to do.

Be Back soon
Happy Quilting

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Neighbourly Love!!

How Lucky am I  ??

 VERY  !!!!

Let me explain, when I was a young girl (many moons ago)
we moved houses and when I met the new neighbour, now Aunty Jo,
I asked her, "Is Ringwood a good place to live?" Her answer was, " of course"
I was always popping my head over the fence, whenever they were
in the garden, asking what they were doing, or inviting me and mum over for a cup of tea
 I do remember her being a knitter and she made
me a waistcoat which I thought was the bees knees.

But she returned to England to live and Mum kept in touch and in
one of their conversations she mentioned I was a quilter and Aunty Jo
just happened to be stitching this beautiful cross stitch and she
sent it over for ME ............ so that is why I am VERY Lucky ........  whoop  whoop  !!

 I think it's absolutely beautiful and it is now at the framers getting framed
(will post a picture when its done Aunty Jo) I know she will
be taking a peek at my blog, so HI  !!

I love the detail of this lady making the quilt, I love how the
thread she is stitching with is loose and the details of her
earring and broach are amazing.

So thank you so much Aunty Jo, its not often that you receive handmade works
of art and it is such a joy to receive and this will take
pride and place in my lounge room for all
who visit to see.

Have fun


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Still Swooning

Still Swooning A Long, I actually have five completed
and intend on
completing the others
It seems I have been making this quilt
for ever, so enough is enough and I am
determined to finish this today soonish!!

I am really keen to start some Granny
Blocks, but I will be good and finish this first.

Wish me luck!!
Stay warm


Sunday, July 8, 2012

With Fabric and Thread

I was waiting patiently for the postman to arrive and 
here it is "With Fabric and Thread" by Joanna Figueroa.
We all deserve a little spoiling now and then, this is a gorgeous book
and I can't wait to make some of these beautiful projects.

Slipper Boots
These look so adorable and I cannot wait to make one or two  many
pairs for Abbey.

I have always wanted to make a quilt with only two colours, the problem
being which two colours will I choose?? But I do know
that this will be the quilt I choose, I love it!

Placemats!! the perfect gift for Christmas or Mothers Day
or even a friend's birthday, and these are really pretty, I know
I would love to receive a set. Looks like I have some
of my Christmas gifts sorted.

I am so loving these pincushions, when my daughter was five she brought me a 
pincushion at the schools Mothers day stall
which is well worn.

Sad huh!!!!
So you can see I am in need of a new one.
(I will never throw this old pincushion out, it is very precious and together we have produced
lots of fabulous creations over the years)

So it looks like I am going to be a busy bee, just another few
projects to add on to the list of thousands.
Oh well!!   Life is never boring!!

Have fun


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Boy! how time flys, its already six weeks
since the wedding and I have only just got
back into normality.

I finally had some time and hit the sewing
room and finished a swoon block, I am looking
forward to this weekend as I will have four days to
myself, whoo hoo!!
I intend to lock myself in the sewing room
and hopefully get a few UFO's completed. Or knowing
me I will probably start new projects!! Oh well,
a girl can never have too many UFO's right????
On another note this a cute little pickie that a
friend took of my grandaughter twirling in her pretty
dress at the wedding. So cute!!!
I got the idea from pinterest to add the things that
she likes at this age, I think its a fabulous idea
and one that I will reuse over again. Speaking of pinterest
I love, love, love pinterest, its addictive, I try so
hard not to go there (cause I should be in the sewing room)
but I am hooked.
Be back soon

Friday, June 15, 2012

Some Wedding Pics

What a beautiful day!!
We all had a great time and even though
it was cold, we were very lucky it didn't rain, and the sun
managed to peek out just after the service.

It was such a happy day, I wish we could do it all again........ but
we can't and its back to normality ho hum!!

So heres a few pictures but if you would like to see more
then click here.
I so love this photo it reminds of when Kym was about three
and she use to look at me with those big green eyes......gorgeous !!

Gorgeous little Abbey (GD) sitting patiently at the top of the
stairs waiting for us all to get ready.
Lauren, Kym and Simone 
all looking beautiful

Me and Kym

The Bridal Party

from left
Adam, Lauren, Kym, Darren, Simone, George.

It was also a very special day for Adam and his wife
Nat, they were expecting there second baby. As they live in
Tassie, Nat stayed home and Adam decided he would take the risk and be here 
for the wedding and you guessed it she went into labour
early in the evening and little Kye was born just as Kym and Darren were saying
there goodbyes, it was very emotional and a special
moment that we all shared.

Darren and Kym

 I so loved these little cake toppers, I had them made to
match Kym's dress and the dogs as they are
Kym's and Darren's babies, it added that
personal touch and they looked fabulous, thanks Mia
for a great job.

 A rare occasion now but all the kids together, it was
so good to have Matt and Kristy here in Melbourne.
Matt and his girlfriend Tammy came all the way from Cambodia, taking
a break from the school that they run over there for the kids.

All in all a beautiful day with family and friends!

Now back to reality and hopefully some time
for quilting yeah!!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Quickly adding my Quilt for Bloggers Quilt Festival,
a baby quilt,  made for a family member little Benjamin.

I have used the raw edge applique technique which is
my new best friend as I find this method quick and easy.
Just bound together with an easy stipple, I love how fresh and
personal this quilt is.

I hope you can all find time to pop on over to Amy's
Bloggers Quilt Festival and admire all the 
gorgeous quilts on line.

Sorry about the short post and lack of photos but my
daughter got married this weekend, so it has been a bit
chaotic over here.

Have fun!!


Monday, April 23, 2012

A Bit of Applique

I have managed to squeeze in some sewing, which I am thoroughly
enjoying at the moment, less than four weeks till the wedding, you 
can tell I'm excited..........yeah!!

Its a bit  like the calm before the storm here, so I have slipped
away into my sewing room for some me time.

A baby quilt, I just love making these as you can make
them as individual as you like and they always
turn out so cute. 

Will show you more when it"s done

Have fun!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Swoon Update

Dragging my feet, I know, but I didn't realise how much time
this exercising takes.

But the good news is I have lost 7kgs, whooo !!!

Six Weeks now till the wedding, getting a little excited now.

But on the quilting front I have managed two more blocks 
for the Swoon Quilt

I so love this fabric

Hopefully over the Easter Break I may get some more done, we are 
heading up to the Murray River and I am taking my machine, so
wish me luck.

Hope you all have a great Easter and gets lots
of chockies from the Easter Bunny.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Swooning A Long

Cannot believe I have not posted since the 17th January, what 
have I been doing??  Exercising, Exercising and Exercising, yes
it's 10 weeks now till my daughters wedding, so I need to shed a few
kilos before the day so I can fit comfortably into my dress.

So unfortunately there has been little time for sewing, I cannot believe
how much time exercising takes, or would that be the lack of energy after the exercise ha ha!!

Anyway I have managed to get one block done for my Swoon quilt, I so love this quilt.

It's so fresh and modern, love it.

Hopefully with the long weekend approaching I can get more
done, crossing my fingers!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year, New Quilts

After a long break over Christmas its time to
get out of holiday mode and into work mode (yuck!!),
but I suppose the mortgage is not going to pay itself.

Hubby and I have both made resolutions with consequences, his is to lose weight 10kgs
by September or he has to delete himself of Mafia Wars which is a game he has been playing for a few years.

Mine is to bust my stash and make at least five quilts for family members and
a charity quilt or my stash goes to the tip, NO way is that going to happen, over
my dead body.

So I have joined the swoon a long and this will be one of the first quilts
for the year, I am determine to win this one.

Has anyone else made resolutions for the year??

Photos soon.