Saturday, August 20, 2011

Daisies in the Snow

A finish finally, I have been dragging my butt latley and needed to
get some motivation going, and taa dah!!!

I made this quilt for my friend Lillian for her birthday, which was the
4th July, (that's how far behind I am)

But it's complete now and I love how it looks and love, the

I have free motioned flowers on each snowball block,
with pebbling for the centres.  The corners I
have done a smaller version but with less petals, I really
enjoyed quilting this one.

I love the back just as much, I was a little worried about how it would look on the back
as I thought I  might have to do in the ditch but chose not to and it looks great. This quilt can be used
both ways. So enjoy Lillian and Happy Belated birthday!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Sunny Darwin

Recently hubby and I and our good friends went to visit my
brother in Darwin

The weather was gorgeous and a great escape from
the bitter cold of Melbourne

Darwin Harbour

We had a fabulous time looking around Darwin
and the many attractions. Three Years ago this harbour
development was a dirt bowl so we certainly have noticed a big change.
Now with the new Wave Pool and Convention centre it certainly
has become a busy place.

Wave Pool and Convention Centre

Florence Falls

Next we headed to Litchfield Park and visited the many waterfalls
and billabongs, we had a swim at Wangi Fall which was very refreshing.

Termite Mound on my brothers property

Jumping Crocodiles

We also visited the Jumping Crocodiles at Adelaide River, which is a must
when visiting Darwin. It was amazing to see these
wild animals in their natural habitat and surprising at how
high these animals can jump, when a bit of food is offered. This is
one boat you do not want to fall off, of, as you would certainly be
somebody's dinner.

We also visited Mindle Market, Cullen Bay and Fannie Bay, its such a pretty place 
with some fabulous restaurants, hence the reason that I now
need to do some serious excercise.

If you get the chance Darwin is a great place to visit and the weather is fabulous, I certainly
could get use to it.


Monday, August 1, 2011

The Craft Fair was on here in Melbourne over the weekend
and I met up with a few blogger ladies.
(I didn't get any photos.......sorry)

Miriam - Yellow Roses
Christine - McDonalds Patch

 It was nice to meet you ladies and have a chat and no doubt I will see
you all in blogland.

Now the other reason for attending
the show was for this (below). I have been eyeing one of these off
for a long time and finally I have my own.

So I have been busy playing with my new toy, haven't done any 
sewing yet just cutting, but boy this is addictive and sooo
fast  !!

Also I have been seeing everyones blocks for the Farmers Wife Sampler
Quilt and decided to join in the fun, don't think I will be able to keep up so will 
dawdle along at my own pace. So any tips from those who have already started
would be much appreciated
Not sure which fabrics I will make it in yet.

Have a great day !