Sunday, August 12, 2012

Neighbourly Love!!

How Lucky am I  ??

 VERY  !!!!

Let me explain, when I was a young girl (many moons ago)
we moved houses and when I met the new neighbour, now Aunty Jo,
I asked her, "Is Ringwood a good place to live?" Her answer was, " of course"
I was always popping my head over the fence, whenever they were
in the garden, asking what they were doing, or inviting me and mum over for a cup of tea
 I do remember her being a knitter and she made
me a waistcoat which I thought was the bees knees.

But she returned to England to live and Mum kept in touch and in
one of their conversations she mentioned I was a quilter and Aunty Jo
just happened to be stitching this beautiful cross stitch and she
sent it over for ME ............ so that is why I am VERY Lucky ........  whoop  whoop  !!

 I think it's absolutely beautiful and it is now at the framers getting framed
(will post a picture when its done Aunty Jo) I know she will
be taking a peek at my blog, so HI  !!

I love the detail of this lady making the quilt, I love how the
thread she is stitching with is loose and the details of her
earring and broach are amazing.

So thank you so much Aunty Jo, its not often that you receive handmade works
of art and it is such a joy to receive and this will take
pride and place in my lounge room for all
who visit to see.

Have fun