Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hip Hip Horray!!!

Well today is a special day, my baby is 21, Happy Birthday

Who would of belived that this cute little baby would grow and mature to become

this beautiful woman.

I say this because when Simone was 15 she had an abcess
on her brain and had to have emergency surgery which involved
a month in hospital and copious amounts of antibiotics. She also lost her
beautiful hair that was down to her waist, which at 15 was a major
But she has developed into a beautiful, talented, woman and hopefully now can put
her health issues behind her.
So  have a fantastic day and I love you heaps my gorgeous girl.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A little bit of Australiana

Recently we went for a visit to Balranald, New South Wales and 
from Melbourne its about a 5 hour trip there and back.

We had a great weekend with awesome company and hospitality.
We were taken around Balranald and enjoyed the picturesque countryside

Yanga Sheep Station 1916

The Sheep Shearing Season in Balranald occurred generally from August to
September. it coincided with a high river so the paddles steamers could navigate the 
Murrumbidgee River. The wool could then be transported to market
shortly after shearing occurred.

The station has been closed now for three years but you
could still smell the sheep who had previously passed through.
About 90,000 sheep were shawn each season.

One of the caretakers cottages.

Yanga Homestead

On the way we passed through Taradale and this beautiful bridge
is still in operation today.

As you can see I had fun with the sepia in Photoshop just to give
you more sense of the time.

Shearers quarters

The weather was glorious and we were getting around in Tshirts in the middle of winter.
Maybe I should consider Balranald for retirement.
All in all it was a great weekend.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kym's Quilt

I have been on a roll lately and getting some finishes done.

Kym's Quilt

A little while ago my daughter was bored and asked could
she make a quilt, so I had a spare jelly roll lying 
around and to keep it simple, being she's new to quilting, we
came up with this.
Not difficult, but none the less good for a beginner, this quilt has been on my pile
of  to do's for quite a while, ok, ok, a long time, as my daughter has since moved out of home
brought a house and become engaged.
This quilt was going to go nicely with my decor but as DD has
a home of her own now, she has claimed it and is always nagging
me about getting it finished.

I cannot quite remember the name of the fabric, so if anyone can
let me know it would be much appreciated.

I just did a pantograph all over, nice and easy

So DD your quilt is complete and you can now relax
on the couch and admire your work I mean your
 clever, talented, fantastic, best mother in the worlds, work he he!!!
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Seeya  !!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Gardeners Journal - Finish

A finish !!!....Yes.... but its not mine.

Lynda (AussieNeedleNut) and dear friend asked me to quilt her quilt and I have just finished,
she has given me permission to post about it, even though she hasn't seen it
 yet, as Hubby and I are off to the Country to deliver her quilt
and enjoy a weekend with Lynda and her hubby. Excited!!!!......

I know that she will be sneak peaking so Hi Lynda, hope you 
like my work.

I have meandered inbetween her stitcheries with a free motion
stitching which I call Hodge Podge its just a mixture of, leaves flowers,
feathers and loops and curves.

I  have feathered the borders starting from the middle
working out towards the ends

So I hope you love your quilt Lynda ...crossing fingers.... and we
will see you soon. Roll on weekend as I am excited about
our little getaway....whoo hoo!!

Soon I will be posting my finish of the same quilt, just a little lot behind in the
stitch a long, no worries
I will get there in the end.

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bento Blue

 After 10 years plus quilting I have finally made and finished
a quilt for Hubby, he has been patiently waiting for his turn

As blue is his favorite colour is was a given that this quilt be blue


I really enjoyed making this quilt, I started it last year when we were away in
Queensland, visiting all the patchwork shops and buying
several fat quarters, so the fabrics for this quilt have come from
near and far.

The blocks are Bento Box and just a mish mash of blues.
I have quilted with an all over Panto call Ocean Froth.

He's happy and I even labeled it which is unusual for me, I know I should label all quilts
I make, but I am always in a hurray to give it to its new owner, but its
something that I am definitely going to work on.
Do you label all quilts you make??


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Gardeners Journal - Linda's

Currently on my machine is Linda's
Gardeners Journal

I'm sure she won't mind me showing you

Linda has done a beautiful job of stitching this quilt.

I have done what I call Hodge Podge all over with
feathers in the borders and stitch in the ditch on the embriodered pieces.
 Its looking great, even if
I say so myself.

Excuse all my ends that need to be sewn in. That's a job for later
when sitting in front of the telly.

Next will be my Gardeners Journal.

Happy Quilting!