Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bella Garden

 Dawn has been very busy making this beautiful quilt by McKenna Ryan called
Bella Garden. The amount of patience and time this quilt must take is mind blowing.
I was very nervous quilting this quilt, because I knew how precious this quilt is. I started out with a plan for the centre piece and then as I was quilting it each section came to me.

 Bella Garden

For the background fill for this centre piece I did small C shapes and
just repeated throughout. I ditched all around the outlines of the flowers......
yes it took me a long time.

How cute is Mr Frog, I just love him. I just did a water background behind the lillies
and fronds.

 Feahters!! who doesn't love feathers. We had to squeeze them in 
somewhere, I love the movement they give to a quilt.

There was a lot of in the ditch on this quilt, but it was so worth it.
it just adds to the finish.

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I'm sure she will be blogging about this and her journey with this quilt soon.

Have a great day