Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ooooo!!! Baby Baby !!!

Well, with the amount of babies about to hit
my world soon, I thought what a great excuse to
buy some fabric, to tell you the truth I didn't need much coaxing. It was fun
browsing the local quilt shop and trying different combinations, there is so much to choose
from, but this is what I came home with.

Love blue, green and yellow such a bright and fun
combination for boys.

Boys, have got to have cars and these are soooooo cute!!

and just in case you thought I was trying to tell you something!!!!

Yes, I have been busy putting a few things together, just
a simple quilt, I have let the fabric speak for itself, so pretty for
a little girl, this quilt already has been snapped up for a
little bundle of joy due in February 2013
The fabric is called "Twirl" by Me and My Sister

Applique, how can I avoid applique for babies and kids quilts,
I love doing applique, it does take a little time and can be
fiddly but the end result is fabulous. I am probably going
to put this on a fairly plain background and let it pop.
This baby is from "Funny Baby" pattern by Amy Bradley Designs.

That's it for now, will be back soon

Happy Quilting.