Sunday, September 23, 2012

Is this you????

My stepdaughter sent this to me with a one word caption

I laughed so hard, as I have, many times been in this
situation where my hubby has said "Are you
going to leave some for anybody else"

Have a good day!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Great Granny Along

I have joined the Great Granny Along, I have had these finished
for a while but have just found the time to blog about it.

 Boy time does fly by!
I know that I am far behind as they have finished their 
quilts, but better late than never :)

So here are my two blocks so far. I have decided to make
mine in feedsack fabrics (reproductions of course) as
I love feedsack quilts and this will be my first of many.

I have also been busy trying to get my Swoon quilt finished

Not sure if this is the final arrangement, but I am thrilled
that all the blocks are finished, just the sashings and quilting
to do.

Be Back soon
Happy Quilting