Friday, June 15, 2012

Some Wedding Pics

What a beautiful day!!
We all had a great time and even though
it was cold, we were very lucky it didn't rain, and the sun
managed to peek out just after the service.

It was such a happy day, I wish we could do it all again........ but
we can't and its back to normality ho hum!!

So heres a few pictures but if you would like to see more
then click here.
I so love this photo it reminds of when Kym was about three
and she use to look at me with those big green eyes......gorgeous !!

Gorgeous little Abbey (GD) sitting patiently at the top of the
stairs waiting for us all to get ready.
Lauren, Kym and Simone 
all looking beautiful

Me and Kym

The Bridal Party

from left
Adam, Lauren, Kym, Darren, Simone, George.

It was also a very special day for Adam and his wife
Nat, they were expecting there second baby. As they live in
Tassie, Nat stayed home and Adam decided he would take the risk and be here 
for the wedding and you guessed it she went into labour
early in the evening and little Kye was born just as Kym and Darren were saying
there goodbyes, it was very emotional and a special
moment that we all shared.

Darren and Kym

 I so loved these little cake toppers, I had them made to
match Kym's dress and the dogs as they are
Kym's and Darren's babies, it added that
personal touch and they looked fabulous, thanks Mia
for a great job.

 A rare occasion now but all the kids together, it was
so good to have Matt and Kristy here in Melbourne.
Matt and his girlfriend Tammy came all the way from Cambodia, taking
a break from the school that they run over there for the kids.

All in all a beautiful day with family and friends!

Now back to reality and hopefully some time
for quilting yeah!!