Monday, October 24, 2011


Only 4 more sleeps till Houston, I'm so excited, my
bags are packed and all I need
is for Friday to come around.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Working Space

You know how things get shoved in the cupboard and end up
lost forever, well today I found my hidden treasure's and I say
treasures's as I didn't realise how much was in there.

As my Laundry/Sewing Room are shared......... things
get a little tight on space at times and I have the habit of just
opening the door and throwing things in.

But today I came up with the idea of some shelving at the end of the cabinet
right behind the door.
Brilliant!!.....I am so pleased with my self shelves.......... p.s helps also when
hubby is a cabinetmaker........a girl has to have some benefits, right!!

Anyhoo, my lovely DD decided to help me out in empting all the 
cupboards and sorting out my stash.....what a lovey afternoon I had
finding fabric, folding it up nicely and stacking it neatly
in my new shelves.

I am convinced........ no not really........ that,  I don't need to 
go near a fabric shop for a while.
Shame though, its not going to happen............
as I am a self confessed fabraholic.............sigh!!!!!..........Oh well!!!
It could be worse.
I was in my element this afternoon with all this
yummy goodness......... even my DD was getting
excited...... she was planning a few quilts
for herself.........Shhh!! don't tell her but I think I
have her hooked.
Oh No!.... not two fabraholics in the family. Life's tough hey!!
Here she is working on her second quilt in the last month,
she already has plans for number three and four as presies for friends.
It's nice to have something in common, I will post photos
of the quilt she is working on's a hint, its made with Good Fortune by Kate Spain.

See you Soon


Thursday, October 20, 2011

30 Sucks - Gift Idea

We all find it hard at times to come up with an idea
for a birthday pressie, but I stumbled
across this fabulous idea the other day on pinterest.

Perfect present for someone who you just want to
buy a small gift for, but with an added sense of humour.
You can change it up to any number.
Its so easy to make without a lot of effort and time.
(cause we all know we have plenty of that.............ha ha!!)
I bet you will get compliments.

Give it a try!!


Sunday, October 16, 2011


Very simple but very gorgeous, this quilt made by my
daughter for her friends twenty first birthday.

Made from a Layer Cake with "Lovely" by Sandy Gervais and
a narrow border, this quilt is a very simple and easy first quilt to make.

I have quilted an  all over Panto called Hearts in Bloom by Timeless Quilting. 
All in all I think she did a great job and her girlfriend loved the quilt.

Happy Quilting!!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Houston International Quilt Festival

Well it's time to fess up, I am so excited as it's only two weeks until 
International Quilt Festival in Houston
and I am going....arrrghhh!!!

I am so excited I could burst, Karen from
Quilts on Bastings and I are heading to Houston for the Show and
some Longarm classes. We have been planning
and booking over the last few months and I figure
I can start to get excited..... a little bit anyway!!!!
(don't let me down Qantas)

We have booked classes with Irena Bluhm, Sue
Patten, Jamie Wallen and Linda Taylor, it will be
so exciting meeting and learning from these icons
of the quilting world.

I must admit I am a nervous flyer and feel a little
trepidation about being so far from the family, after all, it is half way
across the world, but I know
I will have the best time ever.

I will definitely be taking lots of photos and will probably bore
you all with the details when I get back.

So its back to packing and washing and double checking
I have everything, its so hard to think of what you will need and
I'm not good at packing lightly, but I will force myself, as I know I will probably be sitting on my case 
to close it for the return trip.

Happy Quilting!!