Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kym's Quilt

I have been on a roll lately and getting some finishes done.

Kym's Quilt

A little while ago my daughter was bored and asked could
she make a quilt, so I had a spare jelly roll lying 
around and to keep it simple, being she's new to quilting, we
came up with this.
Not difficult, but none the less good for a beginner, this quilt has been on my pile
of  to do's for quite a while, ok, ok, a long time, as my daughter has since moved out of home
brought a house and become engaged.
This quilt was going to go nicely with my decor but as DD has
a home of her own now, she has claimed it and is always nagging
me about getting it finished.

I cannot quite remember the name of the fabric, so if anyone can
let me know it would be much appreciated.

I just did a pantograph all over, nice and easy

So DD your quilt is complete and you can now relax
on the couch and admire your work I mean your
 clever, talented, fantastic, best mother in the worlds, work he he!!!
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Seeya  !!


Celia said...

very lovely...

Susie said...

It looks wonderful!

susan said...

Lovely quilt and beautiful quilting.

Connie said...

Beautiful! Love your quilting.