Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hip Hip Horray!!!

Well today is a special day, my baby is 21, Happy Birthday

Who would of belived that this cute little baby would grow and mature to become

this beautiful woman.

I say this because when Simone was 15 she had an abcess
on her brain and had to have emergency surgery which involved
a month in hospital and copious amounts of antibiotics. She also lost her
beautiful hair that was down to her waist, which at 15 was a major
But she has developed into a beautiful, talented, woman and hopefully now can put
her health issues behind her.
So  have a fantastic day and I love you heaps my gorgeous girl.


aussieneedlenut said...

Happy 21st Birthday Simone. Hope you have a Great Day. XXOXX

Quilts on Bastings said...

Happy 21st Birthday Simone - I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends.

Vickie said...

Hope Simone had an awesome 21st,cheers Vickie

Miriam said...

Happy Birthday Simone!
It was lovely to meet you on Friday, Mandy.

Seams Sew Together said...