Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Gardeners Journal - Finish

A finish !!!....Yes.... but its not mine.

Lynda (AussieNeedleNut) and dear friend asked me to quilt her quilt and I have just finished,
she has given me permission to post about it, even though she hasn't seen it
 yet, as Hubby and I are off to the Country to deliver her quilt
and enjoy a weekend with Lynda and her hubby. Excited!!!!......

I know that she will be sneak peaking so Hi Lynda, hope you 
like my work.

I have meandered inbetween her stitcheries with a free motion
stitching which I call Hodge Podge its just a mixture of, leaves flowers,
feathers and loops and curves.

I  have feathered the borders starting from the middle
working out towards the ends

So I hope you love your quilt Lynda ...crossing fingers.... and we
will see you soon. Roll on weekend as I am excited about
our little getaway....whoo hoo!!

Soon I will be posting my finish of the same quilt, just a little lot behind in the
stitch a long, no worries
I will get there in the end.

Happy Quilting!


aussieneedlenut said...

Oh Mandy, I have been sneak- peaking and oh my goodness. You have done beautiful quilting. The feathers look fantastic. I was going to wait till you got here but I just couldn't help myself, had to just have a little look. I can't wait. See you guys tomorrow. xxx Lynda

Margaret said...

Gardeners journal has come up a treat , I like the way you have quilted it, when I had mine done I was a bit hesitant as what to have. I am on to another stitchery quilt now and seeing yours will make me a bit more adventuresome when I finish and take it to " the lady that does "