Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bento Blue

 After 10 years plus quilting I have finally made and finished
a quilt for Hubby, he has been patiently waiting for his turn

As blue is his favorite colour is was a given that this quilt be blue


I really enjoyed making this quilt, I started it last year when we were away in
Queensland, visiting all the patchwork shops and buying
several fat quarters, so the fabrics for this quilt have come from
near and far.

The blocks are Bento Box and just a mish mash of blues.
I have quilted with an all over Panto call Ocean Froth.

He's happy and I even labeled it which is unusual for me, I know I should label all quilts
I make, but I am always in a hurray to give it to its new owner, but its
something that I am definitely going to work on.
Do you label all quilts you make??



Chookyblue...... said...

lovely quilt........I always label mine.......

Suzanne from QuiltSewScrap said...

That is a gorgeous quilt and I love the Bento Box block, it is one of my favourites especially when using scraps. I have to say I don't like the look of large labels on my quilts as I find it takes away from the quilt so I had some small labels made with just my blog name and that is what I use on everything I make. I also keep a record of everything I make just as a reminder to myself!

Lizzie said...

Love it Mandy, my poor Railway man has been waiting for over 30 years and hasn't got his own quilt yet..! You might have just inspired me to make him one..
I always try to label my quilts and NEVER give one away without a label attached...

Celia said...

Love your quilt and you managed to get such a variety of blues..I have never made a quilt for my husband, it gets a bit like that somethimes...

Kate @SwimBikeQuilt said...

I bet he loves it!

The AfterCraft said...

Aww that's great!! I really like that pattern, I've never seen it in blue!!