Saturday, August 20, 2011

Daisies in the Snow

A finish finally, I have been dragging my butt latley and needed to
get some motivation going, and taa dah!!!

I made this quilt for my friend Lillian for her birthday, which was the
4th July, (that's how far behind I am)

But it's complete now and I love how it looks and love, the

I have free motioned flowers on each snowball block,
with pebbling for the centres.  The corners I
have done a smaller version but with less petals, I really
enjoyed quilting this one.

I love the back just as much, I was a little worried about how it would look on the back
as I thought I  might have to do in the ditch but chose not to and it looks great. This quilt can be used
both ways. So enjoy Lillian and Happy Belated birthday!



Helen said...

Hi Mandy!

It must be "the year to drag ones butt"!! as I'm the same.... not a lot to show, heaps of things on the go and absolutely NOTHING finished!

Love the quilt and how neat - two quilts in one! Lucky friend:-)

Happy Sewing!!

Lizzie said...

Love it Mandy, I really like the soft colours in this one. It looks soft and aged, just the right amount of quilting I think..

Dawn said...

Great quilting and love the colors of soft blues and tans...Is it me or have you also changed your blog look...I am probably way behind as I usually read in reader..tut. tut..I know... but anyhow it looks fabulous...easy to read.
Hugs Dawn x x x