Monday, October 8, 2012


I was lucky enough to attend AMQF a week ago and take some classes with
some of the well known longarmers, Renae Haddidin, Vicki Jenkins and
Myrna Ficken, I had the best time and learnt a few tricks of
the trade.

Not to mention the Ricky Tims Seminar, which was an 
all day seminar, Ricky is an inspiration and a very talented textile artist and musician.

His approach to quilting  is very relaxed, his " if it feels right 
then do it" attitude is very refreshing, it cetainly has opened up my
eyes and made me think outside the box.

Anita, Karen and myself with Ricky a highlight of our trip.

The girls and I also realised we have known each other now for five years,
with one trip to Sydney and three trips to Adelaide and one to Houston, we have
done a lot together and supported each other in our quilting journies.
Thanks guys for your friendship and many more quilty adventures.

Now I didn't get many photos as I was in class a fair bit
but these are a few quilting photos I liked.

Myrna Ficken

Renae Haddidin
This one I love and basically came from a stencil and has
just  been filled in with background fillers, I may have
to have a go at something similar, so many ideas and

Renae Haddidin

AMQF was fabulous, if you get a chance to go it's definitley
worth the trip.

Have fun  



Leanne said...

Hi Mandy, I saw you at AMQF at kept thinking I knew you from somewhere. Duh...We were in a couple of classes together.I thought it was fantastic too. I'll make sure to say hi next time. Cheers Leanne xo

Anita said...

Hi Mandy, gosh you've been a busy girl!!! It's funny when you realise you have been friends with someone for years, I wonder why the thought always hits us out of the blue? Maybe we're enjoying our time with friends too much!!
Cheers, Anita.