Sunday, October 28, 2012


I have had my longarm machine for about five years now
and I am totally addicted, my passion for quilting has taken
me interstate ( within Australia) and overseas (Houston).
I have met some fabulous people and had some classes
with amazing teachers.

At times I have found it frustrating to say the least, doubting myself 
and thinking I am never going to master this.
I did feel at times that there was a resistance with my
 machine around the middle of the table, but just put it
down to imagining things, and needing more practice. I also felt that I could never
get the precise finish I wanted and backtracking on
the exact line..........well forget it  !!

Luckily I was explaining this to Tracey from
Constatine Quilts and she immediately said its your wheels and that 
I should try the M&M Wheels. So I thought
why not!!

All I can say is AMAZING!!!
These wheels have made such a difference and
backtracking has become a breeze. Milly and I
are now besties again whoo hoo!!

I know I am rambling on but my point is
don't doubt yourself and ask questions, I should of
asked these questions earlier and I may have solved 
this problem years ago.

I am one happy little vegimite right now!!
 thanks Tracey     :)

Happy Quilting


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Mamen said...

menuda máquina, me encantan tus trabajos y ya soy geguidora. Espero
tu visita en mi blog.
patchwork con Mamen.
Besos desde España