Thursday, March 18, 2010


I was delighted to find that my Bread making skills have not disappeared.
I use to make my own bread, coffee scrolls, hot cross buns years ago when the kids were little.
A comment was made by one of them, remember when you use to make bread Mum, so it got me thinking, there's nothing like the smell of home made bread wafting through the house and it tastes better, not to mention its better for you,  and not full of preservatives.

So ta...daaa!!! here it is and the kids came out of their rooms once the smell hit
their cute little noses.
I am glad to report that, the loaf was virtually gone within an hour and I was told that I'll have to make another one.

I still would rather quilt than bake at least that way you still have something to show for your efforts. 

Happy Baking!!


retdairyqueen said...

I just love home made bread The smells The taste You can't beat it

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Yummy, that looks great !! I went down to Maxi Food the other day to stock up on Simply No Knead ingredients (the only place I know of that sells them) so that I can make some more bread, too !! Love making it, it is so much fun. I also make my own pizza bases ... yummy !!
Oh, did you get my email re Zoombah ???

ferne said...

I have been baking bread weekly over the past few months and thoroughly enjoy it. I like that it just takes little spurts of attention throughout the day so it gives me a break from my quilting and gardening for a while. I think it is a good combination and the smell is sooo rewarding as well as the comments from loved ones!