Saturday, December 14, 2013

Santa Sack

 I know I haven't posted for a while but I have been really
busy making lots of things, that I just can't show for
a little bit longer.

But today I finished my little Grandsons Santa Sack,
I just made this up as I went along and I think it turned out

I used homespun for the sack and lined it with a
red and white stripe and made a bow to tie the
top with.

I appliqued rudolph on the front and taadah!!!
one Santa sack.

Here's the little munchkin sitting up, 8 months old
already, time goes by so fast.

Hope you're not stressing too much about Christmas!

Have fun.

1 comment:

Patchwork and Play said...

Spencer is such a cute little man! And I bet he loves his Santa sack, stuffed with lots of toys come Christmas morning!