Saturday, April 30, 2011

Whoo Hoo!! an Award

Susie from  Flower and Linen has given me the
Versatile Blogger Award, thanks so much Susie.

Now I have to tell you Seven things about me that you don't know.

1. I once lived in Papua New Guinea
2. I went to Boarding School when I was younger
3. I have a pet Cocky called George
4.I like to make my own bread when time permits
5. I love music (more from the 70's and 80's)..showing my age..he he!!
6.Lemon Tart is my favorite Dessert
7. Red and Pink are my favorite Colours

There you go, I found that quite hard, I don't usually have time
to think about me.

Now  to nominate five bloggers for the
"Versatile Bloggers Award"

Happy Quilting!

1 comment:

Susie said...

Its great to find out different things about one another! Red and Pink are my favourite colours too!