Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Australian Quilt Convention

Australian Quilt Convention was held here over the weekend in Melbourne and of
course I had to have a sticky beak. I am amazed at the talent of fellow quilters and
the hours they put into their work, so inspiring ............I was not happy though that I
 left my camera at home as there were a few quilts that caught my eye.

Of course I had to buy something, what girl wouldn't

A few fat quarters for a baby quilt I'm working on.

Not sure what this is called but it will save me getting up 
to the ironing board all the time............I hope.

Bobbinsavers, I already have 2 of each colour of these,
Red for my Pfaff and Blue for my Janome, these are fantastic, especially if you are
travelling around, your bobbins stay exactly where you put them and don't fall out
all over the place and end up in a big tangled mess.

All in all it was a good day

Keep on Quilting!


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