Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Funky Feathers

Today is the first day that I have managed to get on my longarm
since AMQ Festival which was the beginning of October. How bad is that?!!... I have been having
withdrawal symptoms. I feel so much better for playing around and putting
into practice what I learned at AMQ.

I have been practicing on paper and couldn't wait to
get to the machine and today I did it.
My C Curve feathers

I am really pleased with how these turned out, a few little
hitches here and there but I'm sure with more practice this will

Today I tried the hump and bump way of doing these feathers
and I found that they bedded together better and had a nicer shape, so I think
I'll be changing to this way.

Can't wait for tomorrow to do some more practicing.

Happy Quilting!!


Suzanne said...

Wow, they look great. I have to say that I agree with the hump and bump having a nicer shape and I love how you don't have to backtrack as much. How do you get your backtracks to actually backtrack? What's your secret? I have so much trouble with it that it drives me nuts. Hope you get a great day of quilting practice tomorrow. I am trying to finish of a quilt myself.

Quilts on Bastings said...

Hi Mandy,
Your feathers are looking great - I really love the way you have quilted the corner.
Happy quilting,

Kay Lynne said...

I think your feathers look great!!!

ladybugquilting said...

Your Feathers are Beautiful! Makes me want to go Play.

Millie said...

Beautiful feather quilting!!!