Thursday, July 4, 2013

Home Again

Well my holiday is over, I have been home one week today and finally caught
up on my sleep, its very tiring holidaying, you know!!.

We had a fabulous time and enjoyed every minute

Bethesda Fountain Central park

New York was very humid and we struggled with the heat, very different
to over here in OZ, we had gorgeous sunshine and blue skies though.

View from Top of the Rockefeller Building

 Niagara Falls
(the evening we arrived)

 Niagara Falls the next day

We copped the wettest day and coldest day in a while , so our tour guide
told us.
Here we are after our Maid of the Mist Trip
all wet and cold ready to head to the airport.....yeah!!
Next stop Vegas.

The Grand Canyon was so beautiful with all the different colours, so amazing
definitley worth the trip in the hot helicopter.
Here we had the hottest day on record in Vegas for 12 years, 112 Farenheit
and that's just the beginning of Summer.

You've got to have your photo taken under the Vegas Sign!!!

We went to see a Baseball Game, so much fun, loved it

The Golden Gate Bridge and Niagara Falls were the two things I was most
excited to Photograph and both days were yuck! every other day
in the month were blue skies, can't win'em all I guess!!

We rode over the Golden Gate Bridge with Electric Bikes a must do
if  you ever visit San Francisco, thoroughly enjoyed this day.

We then drove from San Fran to LA down the coast, OMG!!!
the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. We stayed the night in a
little town called Cambria, such a cute and quaint little town.

Of course we had to go to Disneyland and meet Mickey

Last stop Hawaii for Rest and Relaxtion right??.......NOT
we were so bust trying to fit everything in that we only 
had half and hour to go for a swim......crazy I know!!!!
I loved Hawaii and definitely intend to go back there one day.

 We did have the best time and I know hubby throughly enjoyed his time away
from the business his first four week holiday in 15 years.

PS.. I did manage to find two quilt shops and do some damage, which I will show in my
next post

Happy Quilting!!


Patchwork and Play said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I have friends who rave about Hawaii, so it's on my list too!

retdairyqueen said...

So pleased you had a wow of a time I have visited the same places and loved it
We were on a tour and it was our 30th wedding anniversary so they staged a mock wedding at Niagara Falls So much fun and we couldn't stop laughing They ladies on our tour made me a veil with the Maid of the Mist blue cape
thanks for bringing back my memories

Heritage Keepsakes said...

Welcome home! Sounds like it was a great trip and your photos look amazing.