Sunday, February 10, 2013

Robots and Baby Showers

I truly have been very busy the last three weeks ,busy sewing and hosting
a baby shower,
for the new bundle of joy that is about to hit our family at the end of March.

Candy or Lolly Bar

Favor Boxes

I am so excited for my daughter and can't wait to meet my new grandson.

As a quilter I am always looking for an excuse to make a quilt, so this little man will have a 
quilt for his cot, pram, car, play and the list goes on.

I have made the cot quilt from Annie Down's "A Boy Story"
for this little tacker, just have the binding to go, so hopefully
by the end of this week I can have it finished and ready to show you.

Happy Quilting!!

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Heritage Keepsakes said...

The lollie bar looks beautiful and looking forward to seeing the robot quilt that you are making.