Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Home from Festival

Well its been a while since I returned from Houston, it took me a while to get over the jetlag,
round about 2 weeks, and with work and Christmas approaching I haven't had
much time to blog.

We had a fabulous time in Houston, it was amazing to see all the quilts and
all the booths at festival, it was a feast for the eyes and it took a few days of looking around before
I could absorb that I was finally there.

Our classes were fabulous and we learnt so much, it was great
meeting all my quilting heroes. We had about 4 classes with Jamie Wallen, I love, love
Jamie he was so inspirational and a great teacher.

and Linda Taylor was fabulous as well.

Antique Quilts, I didn't think I would be so drawn to these gorgeous
quilts, every day I would browse the booths looking at the amazing
quilts, I ended up buying 2 quilt tops that I will quilt myself, both from the
1930's and 40's
Here's Karen with my teal and red applique quilt.
and this is the one Karen brought.

I also had my eye on another feedsack quilt that was
completed but because I procrastinated??? .....  silly me......
I missed out, I didn't realise how drawn I am
to feedsack quilts, oh well I will just have to make my own.

I did manage to buy some fabric, templates, books, threads, panto's
and other bits and pieces, that in the end I had to buy another
suitcase for the trip home

I knew I was in America when I saw the yellow school bus, you wouldn't think that someone could get so excited over a bus, it just reminds me of the Partridge Family and David Cassidy singing
I think I love you, ha ha!!.................... I know I'm showing my age..........and I know the Partridge bus was not yellow...........Ahh!! the memories. But we did have to usher the kind policeman out the
way so we could get this photo!!. He was very obliging.....he was probably thinking crazy tourists
it's just a bus.

It all seems like a dream now and really cannot believe that
I travelled all that way, lucky I have my photos and quilts to
remind me that I wasn't dreaming.


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