Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mr Magoo has a face

Finally Mr Magoo has a face and a new home.

 Little (GD) turned two this week and we had a
lovely BBQ at Healesville Sanctuary.

 Finally they meet and she loves him, I really enjoyed
making Magoo but I did find stuffing his arms and legs
a little bit of a challenge as they were so narrow.

But I'm happy with the result, Magoo is a pattern
designed by Melly & Me, I think he's adorable.

 Happy Sunday!



Helen said...

Magoo is absolutely gorgeous Mandy!! hmmmmm, I think I might know a quilt pattern that goes with Magoo perfectly! :-)

Lizzie said...

He's very cute and so's the recipient..!! Haven't been to Healesville since my kids were little and they're in their 30s now, time for another trip maybe..

Rebecka said...

Mr Magoo is so cute!! I love his new face!