Monday, January 31, 2011

It runs in the family....what can I say!

Over the Christmas break I caught up with my gorgeous cousin Brenda
who happens to be into quilting as well and she had some show and tell, so of course I had to take some photos and blog about them.

Her son- in- laws grandmother had lots of fabric when she passed and Brenda made quilts
for the family with the fabric, the rest was for her to keep and these are a couple
of the quilts she made.

Brenda recently purchased a Gammil Long arm machine with computer and has been
practicing her skills, I think this looks great, so colourful.

and she has done a fabulous job of the quilting.

this is a top to be quilted and also in
blue as well

and of course always when your trying to do something, you always
get extra input...

I love your quilts Brenda and it shows that there is talent in the family.
ha ha!!


Robyn G. said...

Brenda's quilts are so beautiful Mandy!!
How lovely to have a family member to quilt with :-)

Yvonne said...

Beautiful Quilts Brenda!!

Mistea said...

Those quilts are amazing - especially the colourful one with the circles!
It is so fun when the creative gene is in the family.