Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Truck Cushion

So I have been playing with my new skills from
Kellie's class and taa dahhhhhh!!

Tow Truck Cushion
I have made this for my girlfriends, daughters son Jett for his
1st Birthday, I am pretty happy with the way it has turned out.
I was soo excited when I finished it I had to show Jett's Mum and Nana, so
they know it's coming, I'm hopeless with surprises.
I did cheat though on this one I did the machine quilting on the 
longarm, next time though I promise to do it on the domestic....

This was taken from Don't Look Now
Pattern in the latest Homespun magazine.
Happy Quilting!


Helen said...

Wow Mandy, it looks great!! Jett is one lucky little boy!!

Happy Sewing!

Anita said...

Hi Mandy, I do love it when you see things to sew, knit, make for boys. So much is out there for girls...(and that's great!!) but there is not quite as much out there for boys. The tow truck cushion will make a great gift indeed. Good on you. Kind regards, Anita.

Quilts on Bastings said...

Too cute Mandy - great work, lovely quilting..