Thursday, June 24, 2010

Worry Dolls

Look what arrived in the mail today, the latest pattern Worry Dolls from Kellie of
Dont Look Now  . I love Kellie's patterns, they are so bright and cheerful,
great for any child. Kellie has better photos on her site its definitely worth a look.

And what a nice surprise, a bonus cushion pattern as well. I guess I'm 
not going to be bored in the near future.

You must go and have a look at her website, be prepared
to lose a few hours though.

Happy Quilting!!


Helen said...

Thanks for the link Mandy... what a great site! and not only will you lose a few hours.... you will quite possibly lose a few dollars too.. but well spent I would say, the patterns are gorgeous!!! Love the Worry Dolls! What a fun quilt for the little girls in our life!!!!

Quilted Quickies said...

Great site...thanks for sharing. I love all her bright colors! Have fun with your new pattern.