Monday, January 11, 2016

I Love you....its just that simple

 Its been a while...I know....I know!!

Hoping you all had a great Christmas and Wishing you
all a Happy and Healthy 2016

I finished this pillow case for my GD for Christmas,
Needless to say she loved it, this is a pattern by Leanne Beasley
from her Vignette Magazine.
 I hand embroidered
the lettering and just sewed some pink scraps together. 
On the back I used two pieces of my favorite pinks to make the 
back more interesting. It was quite easy and didn't take that long

P.S. My New Years Resolution is to blog more frequently, 
lets see what happens!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bella Garden

 Dawn has been very busy making this beautiful quilt by McKenna Ryan called
Bella Garden. The amount of patience and time this quilt must take is mind blowing.
I was very nervous quilting this quilt, because I knew how precious this quilt is. I started out with a plan for the centre piece and then as I was quilting it each section came to me.

 Bella Garden

For the background fill for this centre piece I did small C shapes and
just repeated throughout. I ditched all around the outlines of the flowers......
yes it took me a long time.

How cute is Mr Frog, I just love him. I just did a water background behind the lillies
and fronds.

 Feahters!! who doesn't love feathers. We had to squeeze them in 
somewhere, I love the movement they give to a quilt.

There was a lot of in the ditch on this quilt, but it was so worth it.
it just adds to the finish.

Pop on over to Dawns Blog
I'm sure she will be blogging about this and her journey with this quilt soon.

Have a great day


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Garden Tea Party

Here is a sweet quilt that I have machine quilted for
my good friend Dawn. Its called Garden Tea Party.

I quilted daisies in every two inch square and did
feathers and swirls in the borders which gave it
a whimsical look.

In the blue borders I quilted hearts and loops and stippled 
in the embroidered sections, so as to not take
away from Dawns beautiful stitching.


 I think this is such a pretty quilt that Dawn has made
for her Mums 80th Birthday.

"Happy Birthday Jean" I hope you have a 
fabulous birthday and enjoy your quilt.

Have a great week

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One for Me

Do you find yourself running out of time and doing lots for others
and not getting anything done for yourself?? Well thats been
me for most of this year, so I am pleased to say that
this ones for Me......yeah!!!!

I have finally found some time to piece this Briar Rose Quilt
together, its not quite together yet but soon....ish!!

 As you all know I quilted Dawns Briar Rose Quilt  and loved, loved, loved it
so I am making one for me....... myself........and moir!

I have not kept a quilt with detail quilting on it
for myself ever, so I have decided now is the time.

Every girl deserves something pretty, right, so this will be mine.

Hopefully soon I will have this quilted and ready to show you all.

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Around The World Blog Hop

For those who don't know what this is, every Monday a blogger is invited to share with the blog world a little about themselves by answering  four questions about their craft and then invite two/three of their blogger friends to continue the chain.

Dawn from Sew Much To Quilt invited me to participate,
But I am a little late, but better late than never, I say. Dawn is a
friend that I have known since we were kids, then we went our
own way for a little bit (you know, marriage, kids,etc) and
are now back in touch only to find out that we both have a love of quilting,
its so nice to be back in contact and share our love of quilting and
also some childhood memories. So Please go and
have a look around Dawn's Blog, you wont be disappointed.

Here are the question posted for the Blog Hop:

1)  What am I working on?
2)  How does my work differ from other of its genre?
3)  Why do I write/create what I do?
4)  How does my writing/creating process work?

What am I working on?

I am a fabricholic from way back, I used to work for
Bargain Box fabrics, and make demos for the shop and run classes eg. shirts, bra making, dresses I also use to make all my kids clothes, until the day
came when they said "I'm not wearing that we want shop clothes", I knew that day would come, I just didn't realise there would be a great void in my life
when I wasn't sewing, so I had to find a new hobby.

Long story short I found quilting and have never stopped.

So I am currently working on my Briar Rose quilt, its the same quilt
that Dawn made recently and I machine quilted it for her, I loved it so
much I decided to make my own
Dawn's Briar Rose

But I have many fingers in the pie, I generally have
at least 2-3 quilts on the go at any one time, usually thats because
while I'm in blogland I see something that I love and
get all enthusiatic and start it. Hopeless I know but that's
how I work, Im trying to work on one, finsih it, then start another.
Wish me luck!!

How does my work differ to others?.

In general it doesn't I generally follow patterns, I have nutted
out a few on my own over the years, but I love machine quilting and
this has grown more and more, I have an APQS long arm machine and now mostly  make quilts that have lots of negative space for me to fill in.

Why do I write/create what I do?

The main reason I do what I do is beacuse I love it, I love creating
something, be it for the home or for my family or grandkids and friends, I 
cannot handle doing nothing so this why I always have something to do.
My quilting has introduced me to lots of new friends around Australia, and I even have had the pleasure of meeting a few. I have travelled interstate
for classes, with teachers from America, for my machine quilting and I was
lucky enough to attend Houston, that was amazing I must say.

How does my writing/creating process work?

Generally if I see something I like, I make it, my favorite part
of the process is picking the fabric and machine quilting it, I love colours and I find
it fun trying to put them together. I do love all aspects of making
the quilts, from piecing to quilting, binding not so much but I fugure I'm at the end of the process so I just get it done. I generally have an idea
of how I'm going to quilt it before I have even made it.

Well thats enough about me, please pop on over
to Dawns blog, I'm not nominating anyone as alot of your have participated
in the Hop already.

Have a great day!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Australian Machine Quilters Festival (AMQF) 2014

Australian Machine Quilters Festival is about
to begin for 2014

Not long now and we will all be heading to AMQF in Adelaide
I'm packing my bag and heading off on Wednesday.

AMQF is where machine quilters get together and have classes with some of the best machine quilting teachers in the world, this year, Jamie Wallen,
Judi Madsen, Carla Barrett , Helen Godden, Linda Taylor, and lots, lots more, are all coming to Adelaide.

I'm Looking forward to catching up with fellow bloggers and instagrammers and meeting teachers as well.

I am particularly excited to meet Judi Madsen from Green Fairy Quilts, I have booked all her classes and cannot wait to absorb
all the information she has to pass on.

So, who else is going??  Maybe we can catch up.

See you all next week when I return with lots of photos and 
inspiration from my classes.

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Alice's Quilt

Where have I been??? I really do have a good excuse, you see I changed IP providers and that was a big mistake, cause for 5 weeks they could not connect me, so three  different companies later I am here.......yeah!!!   Never doing that again....lesson learnt.

But I did get time to make this adorable baby quilt for Alice, I used
Me and My Sister fabrics called Twirl, so perfect for a little girl.

Lots of applique and bright colours has made this so cute!
 I did an edge to edge panto all over called

 Daisies Galore

 Just perfect for little girls

I was asked to make this quilt by dad, for mum and bub as 
a surprise for mum, I'm pretty sure she was
happy with the quilt and little Alice was happy too!

Happy Quilting!